Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Forget about Chemical hair Straightening in Bangkok There are better ways to tame your hair without permanent damage to your roots and thats with the latest hair Spa Bangkok thailand therapy available exclusively at Zenred hair Salon and Beauty Spa Bangkok.

You can get the best Brazilian keratin which is organic and even has 22k gold infused molecules combined with the latest high tech salon spa machines to ensure the deepest and longest lasting Keratin effects possible. With the correct aftercare treatment and you are ready for 3 months of amazing hair that shines and glows from morning to night.

But what happens when you hair grows back? will you need to touch up the roots or will you ever be able to go back to your wavey hair in the future or do you have to cut your hair and start to grow again? That was all yesterdays news with the Japanese hair straightening and rebonding treatments, now you can get aaway from all of that with amazing keratin

Bangkok Beauty Salon Thailand - Hair Spa Thailand Bangkok

For those lucky travelers to Bangkok you may be interested to check out the latest hair salon in Bangkok that offers the amazing hair spa, a unique Brazilian keratin mixture that is infused deep into the hairs roots via the latest technology in Bangkok spa for hair. You can enjoy great rates with similar treatments in the UK or USA costing on average 70% more than Zered Hair salon Bangkok.

Best of all this salon is situated in a great Mall with a dancing Samurai robot restaurant, so its an ideal place to go to get pampered and waited on by robots. A step into the future and a nice afternoon to spend your time in Bangkok

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zenred Beauty Salon Bangkok - Nail Salon Bangkok

One of the Best hair Salon in Bangkok check out Zenred hair and Beauty and Nail Salon

Hair Extensions Bangkok - Zenred Extensions in Bangkok

Looking for the Best hair extensions in Bangkok then try Zenred hair salon for the latest and greatest hair extensions Bangkok can Offer. We take our work very seriously and can ensure only the Best Quality Hair extensions are imported and lovingly colourized to personally match your own hair tones and hues exactly. We also use some of the finest Hair extension Bonding techniques that ensure no harm to your existing hair and longer lasting hair extensions.

When it comes to having hair that will last more than 6 months its important to ensure the hair came from a quality source and the cuticles remain entact and are facing the axact same way. Also many hair extensions in Bangkok are not real hair but synthetic types made to look real. We Guarantee our hair is 100% remy hair imported and suitable for all Western hair types or Asian hair types, we have everything you need for long lucious locks that people will notice and you will love!